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( Jan. 4th, 2009 10:45 pm)
[ profile] kythiaranos , the lovely author of Signs and Wonders, tagged me with the happiness meme!

It's a bit hard now because my un-happiness, a.k.a. the anxiety list, is much longer than my happiness list.

Nevertheless, today I am happy because:

1. I sent out the full MS.

2. I found the courage to send out two  a bunch of queries.

3. My vintage lamp arrived ( I bought it for peanuts on Ebay). It  has to be the most beautiful lamp in the world :P It wobbles greatly and probably will require rewiring, but soooo beautiful.

4. Mati spilled a bottle of water on purpose (I am not happy about that) and proudly announced ALL DONE! :) He was quite talkative today, said the words, "egg", "cookie" and "pants."

5. I packed my office for the Big Office Building Move. Thankfully I did not accumulate lots of clutter so it was relatively painless.

To be continued tomorrow!



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