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( Jan. 5th, 2009 11:53 am)
This is the first time that my poems are eligible for Rhysling - 2008 was my first year of publishing!

If you are an SFPA member, please consider the following poems of mine:


"Two Births of a Bird Shaman" - Mythic Delirium 19, Fall 2008


The Dragonfeeder's Lament" - Star*line, March 2008
"Odysseus on the War Train" - Abyss & Apex, July 2008
"Insomnia" - Goblin Fruit, Fall 2008

If you'd like to receive a .doc with those poems, please email or comment.

Thank you so much!!

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( Jan. 5th, 2009 07:03 pm)
Continuing the happiness meme, some good news concerning my short story Geddarien:

First of all, it's been reviewed at the Fix:

“Geddarien” by Rose Lemberg is the poignant tale of Zelig and his grandfather, both violinists. Grandfather tells Zelig of Geddarien, a magical once-in-a-lifetime event when the living buildings of the city dance to music provided by musicians like themselves. But the happy times of learning to play the “fiddele” and listening to Grandfather’s stories are coming to an end. Zelig and his grandfather, along with everyone they know, are forced into a ghetto and Geddarien comes too soon.

Lemberg uses evocative language and the point of view of young Zelig to convey the simple beauty of a family’s life, chipped away slowly by the encroaching terror of the Final Solution. The creeping horror of reality melts in and out of Grandfather’s fantastic stories as Zelig copes with what becomes of his loved ones and of the life he knew. This is a beautiful story, told with love for those lost to the Holocaust. Yet it is also clear-eyed, unflinching, and never gives in to sentimentality.

Then, some wonderful people remarked positively on Geddarien:
And speaking of [ profile] oktober_ghost , I greatly enjoyed her story Leningrad, now up at Fantasy Magazine.

In other writerly news, I sent out a huge amount of queries, and received a bunch of instajections. Nobody loves me my writing sucks we shall overcome! Eventually. The book is too twisted for easy querying; it would be easier if it had vampires in it.

Have a great evening, people.



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