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( Jan. 6th, 2009 11:32 am)
I went to the library yesterday to find some basic gardening books. They didn't have Gardening for Dummies, but they did have Roses for Dummies.
Get it?
For dummies.

I got two suspicious-looking gardening primers and a tree identifier, which helped me figure out I have a black walnut tree in my back yard.

I am a complete dummy when it comes to gardening, having never gardened in my life. My only success to date was a rubber plant.
But now I bought a house that has a back and a front yard; both seem to have been loved. Long ago.

The front has three mature trees (still to be identified), two pine-looking bushes,  a humongous bush with red berries on it, grass, two flower beds with  flowers in them, and a single small and pitiful yellow rose.

The back has the aforementioned walnut tree, more grass, and lots and lots of wilted plants, including a large flower bed with wilted flowers and weeds in them, plus another small and pitiful rose - this time of unknown color, having wilted before I got to see it.

I think the front yard got much more  thoughtful attention than the back yard. It has this lovely modernist feel to it and there aren't a lot of things I want to do there: eradicate the climbing vine that eats my house, trim the lovely pine bushes a bit, reduce the monster with the red berries to a manageable size, maintain the flower beds and mow the lawn. Also, of course, figure out how to care for the rose.

The back is a disaster. I am not sure what to do with it. I actually know what I would do with it if I had more resources. It's a rather narrow long yard, unfenced, and if I had the capabilities I would fence it, then design a modernist / Japanese-style garden with some flowers, hardscape (not a lot), running water, and plant a Japanese red maple. There's one part of the yard which is very weirdly positioned - you can see it from the road but not from any of the house windows. In that part I would love to grow some organic veggies, though I have no idea how to keep them safe from rabbits.

Yeah, I know, this is Napoleonic for someone who could manage.a rubber plant once.

I know there are gardeners among my LJ-friends... so, if you garden, could you tell me how you started out?
Also, any advice for me?
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( Jan. 6th, 2009 07:34 pm)
This day was long on unhappiness and short on happiness, nevertheless, the happy list:

1. Kid got accidentally addicted to Pringles. I'd rather he didn't eat junk food but it was very endearing.
2. The talented [ profile] kirizal  sold a story to Realms of Fantasy!

that's all.

ah, and I finished my short story The Wolverine Story (better name TBA?) I am not sure how to feel about that one. It's very, very creepy. complete at 1776 words.


May tomorrow be better.



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