Person I know.: "Linguistics as a discipline is what, a hundred, two hundred years old?"
Me: "Not exactly Linguistics is actually very ancient... for example, there is Panini."
Person I know: "What, the BREAD?"


Me: "My son is autistic."
Interlocutor: "How do you know? They call everybody autistic these days."
Me: "He is very much behind in his development. For example, he doesn't talk."
Interlocutor: "Oh, that's nothing. Do you know this anecdote about a young boy who doesn't talk...?"
Me. *sigh*
Interlocutor: "So this boy doesn't say a word until the day when, at age 18, eating with his parents, he says, "Please pass me the salt." The mother wants to know why he didn't speak before, and he says, "Well., the food was always perfectly seasoned."
Me: "I'd like to get a dollar every time somebody tells me this joke. I could buy myself a new laptop."
Interlocutor: looks confused.

Happiness meme to follow.

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( Jan. 8th, 2009 10:11 pm)
Today I am happy because:

1. I found out I can subscribe to my favorite winery in Napa Valley, and they will send me "secret" wines three times a year. It's even not that expensive. At the moment, I cannot afford it, but I hope to be able to afford it soon.

2. Repairs and upgrades mostly finished at the house. I did not have enough money to remodel the kitchen, and it looks weird. Today we installed the new range, but we still have the old wall oven, 55 years old and not working (but pretty looking). It's ok though. Overall the house looks gorgeous, and I do have a range in which to cook food - therefore can have people over - therefore happiness.

3. Toddler said some words today. He had music therapy and  in the end repeated "Goodbye" after the teacher! Also verbally requested two games, "spin" (he said, piiiiin) and peekaboo. Also, wanted to eat macaroni and when I gave one to him he said "tankyou". Wow! Not sure if he knows what it means (probably not) but he actually used it appropriately, which is pretty damn awesome. We seem to be at the "words come and go" period. He learns one, uses it for a day or two, and then it disappears. But it's better than no words at all.

4. Did some minor revisions on Wolverine. Four people read it so far, and all used the word "raw" to describe their reactions. Also, "creepy".
 Yeah. But none of my readers had ideas yet as to how to fix the story. *sigh* Still, a new story is a good thing.

Hope your day went well!


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