So, today is the last day of the happiness meme. It's been a struggle, since this is such a stressful period in my life, but it was absolutely great as well.

Today I am happy because:

I managed to finish a very long poem, Godfather Death, for [ profile] upstart_crow  (she won an auction from me during the HelpVera auctions). I am quite  happy with this poem, and those of you who know me know how rare that is!

We're in the process of moving, and even though there's still a lot left to do, today I am going to sleep in my house for the very first time. We have our furniture here, and the bookcases are in the process of being built. The house still looks gorgeous (with the exception of the kitchen) and I'm looking forward to loving it for many years to come.

And now I'm supposed to tag some people. Hereby I'm tagging
[ profile] shvetufae , [ profile] cafenowhere , [ profile] will_couvillier , [ profile] upstart_crow , [ profile] shweta_narayan  and [ profile] stonetable -  If you're feeling like it, please write for eight days about things that make you happy! 



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