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( Feb. 10th, 2009 10:49 pm)

Last year, in January, I discovered i had miraculously spared (as in, not deleted) an old poem. I cleaned it up and sent it off to star*line and it sold.

Immediately I said to myself two things.

1. wow! i can sell a poem! no more deleting.

2. that was an old poem! I will never write anything ever again.

But I did write another one, and another one... you get the picture.

Lately i haven't been writing poems, and having sold all poems I had on submission except the last one (Godfather Death), i was feeling quite poet-blocky.

So I opened an old email [ profile] star0shower  had sent me, found my favorite sentence and wrote a poem about that.

It worked.

Hah! It's a poem about magical fruit, so I sent it to [ profile] tithenai  and [ profile] mer_moon  :P I hope they like it!

And now, please, I think I need a poem prompt or prompts. Please send yours! The stranger the better. I might even write a poem or two :)



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