I am offering a custom poem over at the [livejournal.com profile] accessiblehouse  auction. There already are two bids, and the auction ends tomorrow, so if you'd like a Lemberg poem, please check it out. Bidding currently stands at 10$.

Congrats to [livejournal.com profile] oktober_ghost , who got into Clarion West.  This is wonderful. I very much want to go, but cannot even think of leaving Mati for six weeks, and I doubt this is going to change any time soon.

In other news, Jan/Feb Star*line arrived with my poem "Burns at Both Ends".  Funny, I feel completely burned out at this point. This week was Spring break, and Mati was sick, then I got sick - or maybe not sick, but I slept a lot.  Accomplished nothing.

Classes start tomorrow again, and nothing accomplished. Ugh.



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