Got my contract today for a nonfiction piece I wrote for the WisCon Chronicles. To celebrate I reread my essay, and still liked it, so I'm looking forward to seeing this one in print (and wondering whether to add it to my credits list.)

Here's a snippet:
White male characters come in every flavor. There is a male Thomas Covenant – why not a female Thomas Covenant? Do women still have to be honorary men – always the perfect, self-sufficient, exemplary role models?

And I am sharing the ToC with my friends [ profile] shvetufae  and [ profile] shweta_narayan -squee! :)

In garden news, I finally identified the mysterious backyard tree: it's a sweetgum tree! Also, I have crocuses in yellow and purple, and some bulbs, it appears - I hope they are tulips. Did some pruning but not too much, as I am very afraid to prune something that is not a weed. I did get a book entitled "Pruning" so we'll see if it helps.

It is Spring break here and Mati is at home. Haven't got much done; just resting.

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