In front of my house I have this flower bed that seemed to be completely clogged and overgrown with weeds. This was once a very nice flower bed, I thought, but nobody took care of it for the last two years, maybe longer. I guess Kathleen was too sick to tend her garden, and then she passed away.

I seem to have this strange relationship with Kathleen. It's a shaman thing.

Nevertheless I have the garden now and need to take care of it. But then again I am a gardening dummy. I asked my gardening acquaintances to help me with advice but they all bowed out for some reason (all of them are also academics with no time on their hands). I need to call the extension agent, but alas - there's this one tic I have - HATE talking on the phone. I'd rather do anything but talk on the phone. Especially with people I do not know. I'm ok with calling my mother and my  friend Kathryn, but that's it.

So I cleared the flower bed of 5 bags of dead oak leaves. There are still many dead leaves left.

However, this seemed to help as I have bulbs coming out now!

So, one question concerns a weed (?) and another concerns a rose.

This mysterious tall plant looks very dry and also very... established. However. I suspect it is a weed. Is it?

This is a rose. The poor thing has small dead roses wilted on top. Should I cut the dead flowers off?

Also, any additional thoughts? Comments of the type "you idiot, why didn't you do X?" are welcome. :D.


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Rose canes should be cut back to about 6 inches about the base knot each winter. At least, that's the advice I was given for mine. I think this is good unless you are attempting to establish a shrub-size bush, which I would feel would need just thinning each fall around the strongest stalks.

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Sure..has it sprouted yet? And near the base there should be a knotty, sorta lump area. The trim should be above this, 6-8 inches depending on the size of the bush. Also trim out deadwood, and keep any live canes.

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Yep, it should shoot up again like crazy in the spring. :D

Can't really see what the other plant is, though, sorry.

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They're right about the rose. Just makess certain you don't cut it too far back. 6" is about right. ;o)

Sorry, can't help you with the other pic. (Until it has leaves, it's pretty hard to identify.) On the other hand, it appears to be the sort of plant you can cut back to the ground every year. I'd suggest cutting down all the dead stalks, and letting it grow for a month or so....then try to determine what it is.



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