Joshua Gage reviews Rhysling poems in his ongoing series. This is what he has to say about my poem Odysseus on the War Train:

My immediate reaction is absolute admiration for the lyric qualities of this piece--the sound and rhythm are tight. Some things catch me, though, in the reading.... (read the rest here)

I am thrilled to receive this mostly positive review from [profile] hooks_and_books. His Rhysling review series is a very interesting experiment and worth following, even though I do not agree with many things.

Received a very nice personal rejection from Goblin Fruit for "Tree Diana Saw". Not sure what to do with it now, I can make it into a limited edition thingie with illustrations for some people, or I can submit it somewhere else. Probably will go the limited edition route, but not sure when I will have time to do it. Summer?

Mati learned and used three new words in the last two days: Bagel, Pringle and Cracker (cwackuh). The food words trend continues, but I am *so* thrilled to have him speaking again- he didn't say a single word for two weeks (when he was  sick with bronchitis), only wailed. It wasn't pleasant.

It's been a good day so far.

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