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( Apr. 3rd, 2008 09:36 am)
So..... my short story "Geddarien",  about the lives of Klezmer musicians during the Holocaust, just sold to Fantasy Magazine.

Great thanks to [profile] cathellisen, who held my hand while I cried my way through this story in January, and to [profile] bachsoprano for reading and commenting :)

This was the story's third submission. It went to F&SF first (did not grab; and this is the last time anything of mine goes to F&SF); and Strange Horizons ("lovely but not our cuppa").  I wanted to send it to Paradox and queried the editor, but their submission period only opens in June, so meanwhile I sent it to Fantasy Magazine, which I love. And it sold.

This is my second fiction sale (both semi-pro),  the fourth story I wrote, and the third story I sent out.

This leaves me with two stories in circulation, not counting Maze.

<brag>Not bad for a person who only started writing in Sep 2007, and most of this writing is the novel of doom. </brag>
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( Mar. 8th, 2008 12:08 pm)
Got a nice personal rejection from Strange Horizons for Geddarien (this is my magic realism piece about Klezmer musicians during the Holocaust). Susan of SH wrote, "There's a lovely feel to this piece, but overall it didn't quite click for us."

Well, damn.

Two questions:

First question. I think I want to submit it to Paradox. I have a feeling it would fit, since it is  based on real historical events (the Holocaust). Paradox is currently closed to submissions, but I have a feeling it may open soon, and if it does open, I don't really want the piece to be tied up elsewhere. Should I query the editor? And should I mention my academic credentials when I am doing so? They are very relevant for this piece, but I would rather not expose my academic identity in print (unless it is very vague; nothing like "she currently teaches this subject at university Y"). Not sure what the rules for this are.

Second, for those of you who read Geddarien ([profile] cathellisen and [profile] bachsoprano, unless I forget somebody) - my friend Shweta suggested I cut off the hopeful ending and end the story after Yankel's death, where Zelig is still under the city, and end it with this phrase:

             The corridor stretched before the boy again; endless, lightless. He put his right hand on the damp wall and walked where it guided.

She thinks it would make the story stronger, to end it at a high emotional peak. What's your take on this?
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( Feb. 19th, 2008 10:23 am)
I woke up at 5am after a nightmare of three personalized rejections. I dreamed I got one from Strange Horizons on Geddarien, and the editor wrote that my story was like "a puppy that suffers and whines but never dies." The other rejection was for "Imperfect Verse" from Eclipse - praise, but "the market is entirely wrong for it". Third was for a poem, I don't even remember which one.

I woke up and ran to check my email. Nothing.
Just my anxiety.
Wow. Just wow. Thank you Cat, you are the best. I doubt I could write anything in isolation. I am a performer by nature, I'm afraid.

The story is off to F&SF now. I am betting for "did not hold".


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