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( Apr. 7th, 2008 09:33 am)
1. Got my first "wow" for Maze from a female reader. That last rewrite really got the story there, or almost there.  I'll make one more pass on the characters, and it will be ready. With every pass I got deeper  and deeper into to the characters' heads, and slowly I am taking this story from  a yarn to something with heft. Something with significance. And it is about honesty, about opening up and spilling the guts and forcing the tongue to tell how it feels.  I have been there with "Home", but "Home" was much easier because it only had one character. Maze has three. And I think I will ultimately fail with "Maze," because I do not have the craft to take it all the way there, but it will be a good failure. Does this make sense?

2. Got in 800 words on the novel yesterday. I am done telling the novel what its plot is. Now I am going to sit back and listen to what it has to tell me, because it doesn't want to be about the Grayblood, and I am too tired to argue with it anymore, and I love it too much to give it up.

3. Contract from Fantasy Magazine arrived: squee!

4. Next short story project will either be the "Perfumed Glove" for Lace&Blade, or "the GULAG ship." I need a good SF hook for the "GULAG ship," but this is secondary. I know what I need to do with it. I need a woman protagonist. It would be so much easier to go with a male protagonist, because many men actually came through these experiences with some sense of personal honor intact, and women didn't, and so very few made it alive, and almost none of the women made it sane. But since I decided that my writing is going to be about emotional honesty, I think I will have to do it  - nobody else will. I know a lot about GULAGs (not from Solzhenitsyn), but I shudder to think at the research for this one. I have to do it though. Guess the GULAG story is going to be more powerful for me than "the Perfumed Glove", heh.


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