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( Apr. 1st, 2008 06:59 pm)
So here's a poetry meme for the poetry lovers among you, my friends :)

In your journal, post a lesser known poem that you love (it cannot be your own). If it is in the Norton Anthology you can't post it, but anything else is game :)

Here's my entry (and doesn't it read like a speculative poem?)

From Gaudete, by Ted Hughes

The grass-blade is not without
The loyalty that never was beheld.

And the blackbird
Sleeking from common anything and worm-dirt
Balances a precarious banner
Gold on black, terror and exultation.

The grim badger with armorial mask
Biting spade-steel, teeth and jaw-strake shattered,
Draws its final shuddering battle-cry
Out of its backbone.

Me too,
Let me be one of your warriors.
Let your home
Be my home. Your people
My people.


And I am tagging [personal profile] tithenai, [profile] kythiaranos, and [profile] dkolodji, but if you weren't tagged and would like to do it too please comment and I will add you !


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