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( May. 23rd, 2009 03:13 pm)
Still on hiatus, but reporting a poetry sale - my long poem "Godfather Death" will appear in the Fall issue of Goblin Fruit.
I wrote this one for [personal profile] upstart_crow , who bought a poem from me at the [ profile] helpvera  auction.

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( Apr. 5th, 2009 01:42 pm)
Joshua Gage reviews Rhysling poems in his ongoing series. This is what he has to say about my poem Odysseus on the War Train:

My immediate reaction is absolute admiration for the lyric qualities of this piece--the sound and rhythm are tight. Some things catch me, though, in the reading.... (read the rest here)

I am thrilled to receive this mostly positive review from [profile] hooks_and_books. His Rhysling review series is a very interesting experiment and worth following, even though I do not agree with many things.

Received a very nice personal rejection from Goblin Fruit for "Tree Diana Saw". Not sure what to do with it now, I can make it into a limited edition thingie with illustrations for some people, or I can submit it somewhere else. Probably will go the limited edition route, but not sure when I will have time to do it. Summer?

Mati learned and used three new words in the last two days: Bagel, Pringle and Cracker (cwackuh). The food words trend continues, but I am *so* thrilled to have him speaking again- he didn't say a single word for two weeks (when he was  sick with bronchitis), only wailed. It wasn't pleasant.

It's been a good day so far.

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( Jul. 17th, 2008 09:12 am)
Marge Simon bought my poem, "Burns at Both Ends," for the January 09 issue of Star*line. I sat on that one for a very long time. It went out once to a mainstream mag, because I was wondering if it could be a mainstream poem.  Silly me! It has a firebird in it!

This is my third sale to Star*line :D
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( Apr. 1st, 2008 06:59 pm)
So here's a poetry meme for the poetry lovers among you, my friends :)

In your journal, post a lesser known poem that you love (it cannot be your own). If it is in the Norton Anthology you can't post it, but anything else is game :)

Here's my entry (and doesn't it read like a speculative poem?)

From Gaudete, by Ted Hughes

The grass-blade is not without
The loyalty that never was beheld.

And the blackbird
Sleeking from common anything and worm-dirt
Balances a precarious banner
Gold on black, terror and exultation.

The grim badger with armorial mask
Biting spade-steel, teeth and jaw-strake shattered,
Draws its final shuddering battle-cry
Out of its backbone.

Me too,
Let me be one of your warriors.
Let your home
Be my home. Your people
My people.


And I am tagging [personal profile] tithenai, [profile] kythiaranos, and [profile] dkolodji, but if you weren't tagged and would like to do it too please comment and I will add you !
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( Mar. 25th, 2008 10:35 pm)
Sale of a poem to a fledgling market, the Sigurd Journal.
Rose, congratulations. The editorial board of The Sigurd Journal has voted unanimously to purchase "Hope" for our next issue. This poem was chosen from more than 400 entries.

Interesting to know they had so many entries... And I needed a sale this week - have been very discouraged.
My long poem, "Two Births of a Bird Shaman," just sold to Mythic Delirium! Yay!!! Thanks, [profile] time_shark!

And many, many thanks to [profile] cathellisen for reading and helping me figure out this poem.

I have to say I feel absolutely happy about this sale. And I would never want to delete this poem. Gut it, yes, but... err.. too late for that.

Perhaps I should join SFPA or something.
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( Feb. 27th, 2008 07:28 am)
In late January I sent a prose poem to Star*line prose poetry issue. Bruce B. put it on hold. He liked it, but apparently not enough to buy it. So all this time I was chewing myself about this piece. How weird it was. Convoluted. Hard to understand. Nobody likes it.

Yesterday he emailed me asking to change the title to something else. I wasn't so sure, emailed him back with two other variations. That was in the morning. I am very thankful for those people (you know who you are) who held my hands and thys prevented me from writing back to BB with a , "Listen, it's actually crap, I'm withdrawing."

It sold today.

Yet another poem I would have deleted upon rejection. Why is my good stuff still out there?
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( Jan. 17th, 2008 10:45 am)
Two days ago I sent out a poem to Star*Line. Completely on a lark. I've been writing speculative poetry and promptly deleting it for years.
Well, guess what: a YES for the March issue.

Next time a poem comes my way I'll try not to delete it.


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