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( Aug. 31st, 2008 07:44 pm)
I posted the second version on my query on AW. It still isn't nearly close to done.

Why the querying is causing me much anguish:

1. My MC is an antihero, and nobody quite believes (from my query) that he would want to save the day. Why bother? He himself is never threatened. When I say "duty," people ask me to explain why duty is so important to him. If I said, "love," would anybody ask why love is so important to him? A sense of duty is built-in in Ranruvan.

2. The query sounds voiceless and unemotional, and my book is anything but. My book has been described by readers as intense and compelling and emotionally vivid. The query's flat, because the query is from the MC's POV; but the MC never has a voice. It's  told by his slaves and his enemies (some eventually become former enemies, but still). There are five distinctive and voicy protags, but none can carry a query. [ profile] cathellisen  thinks that Paret can do it, but one of my betas told me today that Paret is too passive. It is a common complaint.

3. The book has a braid structure. Here's what Cat said about it,
"It felt to me like a rope woven around steel, all these different threads to build it, but the core was always one story."
Beautiful, hah? But this structure does not lend itself well to querying.

Karen Duvall from AW offered me a lot of good advice, culminating in "this is tough, maybe ask your betas to write a query for you and see what you can take from it."
Seeing what I'm going through with this, it doesn't seem like a very fair thing to ask of my betas.


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