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( May. 4th, 2009 05:01 pm)
OK, so the semester is almost over, the 64 essays graded. I still have lots of grading to do, finals to administer, graduate exam committees to sit on, plagiarizers to flog, two research commitments to push out, vodka to drink...

I haven't been well lately, and one possible reason for that is that I haven't been writing. So I am making a commitment to write at least 500 words of a short story each day excluding Friday and Saturday. I will be documenting my progress here.

I have three manuscripts in progress, and will be working on whatever strikes my fancy, with the goal of completing at least one draft by June.

Today's goal : 500 words.
Words Written so far: 186  677!
Manuscript: "The Curse of Endless Summer"



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